Mahlamäki, Isak Heikinp. (Talollinen )
Aaka, Anna Stina Jaakontytär
Aaka, Aleksander Adrian (Merimies )
Högbacka, Matilda

Alho ( aaka), Arttur August




Alho ( aaka), Arttur August

  • Syntynyt: 19 Syy 1884, Merikarvia, Kasalan kylä
  • Kastettu: 25 Syy 1884
  • Avioliitto: Tuntematon
  • Kuollut: 11-12 Hei 1911, Canada, South-Porcupine

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Sukunimi Etunimet Lähtöpäivä
Alho Artturi 05.12.1906

17u Artturi Aukusta Alho O:Aleksanterinpoika B:Sep 19 1884 P:Poomarkku Pori E:1906 C:S 27-3
Itsellinen ...Pomarkuukylä

The Porcupine fire, which started on July 11, 1911, was one of the most catastrophic fires ever to occur in Ontario. The fire burned an estimated 200 000 hectares, killed at least 70 people and destroyed several mining camps and communities in the area.

More information on the Porcupine Fire is available in

This is taken from The Enginerrng and Mining Journal dated August 12,1911
List of the Dead and Missing in Porcupine Fire

The following list of dead and missing, as a result of the Porcupine fire, was compiled by the Relief Committee appointed immediataly after the disaster. Because of haste and confusion necessarily following such disaster, it is quite probable that htere are some innacuracies, but it us published herwith on account of its being the best information available at this time.

Harry Hardy-Bath England, assayer, Dome mine ;buried at Dome Property
Fritz Manse .-Melbourne Australia'-age 18 buried at Dome property
John Whatmaugh-Toronto-student -age 22 buried at Dome property
Thomas John King,- Copper Cliff, Ontario, buried at Dome property
Archie Johnson -Sudbury Ont, buried at Dome property
Lee H Sulman,- London England, assayer, Dome Mine , body shipped
Stanley Fitzmaage -Melbourne age 27: died in Liskeard hospital
Arta Alho .-Kelso Ont, died in transit
Didelo Diepro-worked at Dome Mines died in Liskeard hospital
Robert Weiss -Butte. Monte:age 60 died at West Dome property
Child of Robert Weiss- West Dome
Mrs. Robert Weiss; -West Dome
James Renie, -Edinburgh, Scotland -died at West Dome
RJ Welch -Cache Bay Ont. Died at west dome
John Mclaughlin -Venisoti Ont; died at West Dome, body shipped
William King -Los Angeles, Cal;died at West Dome
Angus Msdonald -Turner street Ottawa , died at West Dome
A E Burt and wife -Cobalt Ontario; died at West Dome
John Destern -Toronto -student-died at West Dome

The Fire

The summer of 1911 was unusually hot, reaching a record temperature of 107 F on July 10. There had been no rain for several weeks, and by the evening several small bushfires had been spotted. The threat to the mining townsites was obvious, and starting on the morning of the 11th boats started ferrying women and children from South Porcupine to Golden City at the other end of the lake. Throughout the day the smaller fires combined, and by the afternoon had merged into a single wall of fire up to 20 miles (32 km) wide at points, sweeping eastward on gale force winds. It swept through South Porcupine around 3:30 pm, burning it to the ground, and continued to burn its way as far as Cochrane, sending blankets of ash hundreds of miles downwind. Tom Geddes, co-claimer of the sites that started the gold rush, died attempting to save his dog.

The T&NO spur line, unharmed north of the lake, sped relief supplies to the area. Eaton's funded an entire train of supplies, including blankets, tents and supplies, while churches across Ontario responded with clothing and other supplies. As crews returned to South Porcupine they found and collected the dead, including people who had died of smoke inhalation or asphyxiation and were seemingly uninjured. The dead, officially numbered at 73 but thought to be as high as 200, were buried in a new cemetery across the point of the lake from the town, known to this day as Dead Man's Point.

On Labour Day 1911 Noah Timmins held a public auction for building sites on a relatively flat area of land just west of the McIntyre and Hollinger mines, creating the village that would soon develop into the town of Timmins. By the time it incorporated on January 1, 1912, it had already surpassed both Golden City (now known as Porcupine) and South Porcupine in size. Timmins has remained the real center of the mining area to this day.

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